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New Year’s Resolutions

Hello humans of the internet. Yes I’m aware its January 25th and most people have already made and broken their new year’s resolutions. And technically I’m in the same boat as my new year’s resolution was to blog more consistently and missed the first 20 days of the year. But I’ve come to a conclusion: every day is new year’s. Meaning everyday is a chance to change your life. See we all wait until beginnings to make a change when we could make a beginning so this is it. January 25th is a beginning

Between now and next January 25th I will

  • Blog more consistently
  • Sew more frequently
  • Wake up earlier (my goal is 6am)
  • And replace highs, lows, and uh-ohs with monthly highlights to help focus on the good

Did y’all make new year’s resolutions? Who has already broken them like me?

Much love



I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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