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Airport thoughts

I have an hour to spare of lay over so I thought I’d compose a list of the thoughts I’ve had in airports.

Oh God, what does that sign say?

What does month ticket say?

Who here looks nice enough to ask for help?

Oh that person looks nice.

Okay that person was not nice.

You know what maybe they were just having a bad day. Everyone’s stressed.

Ooh food.

Am I hungry?

Am I hungry enough for that line?

I’ll get a gift shop soda.

That’s so expensive!

Oooh puppy. I want to pet the puppy.

Oh, it’s service puppy.

You are an important and good puppy. Feel my positive vibes puppy.

Aww little baby soliders.

Ak, you can refer to all military personnel as baby soldiers.

I’m almost there, I’m almost there

Oh hey a person sat next to me, this is my friend now.

Nevermind this is not my friend. They seem nice but they don’t want to be friends.

I wonder what language that is.

Where is the power plug.

Did I lose my wallet?


Did I lose my phone?

Im holding it

Did I loose my boarding ticket?


Oh another soldier. Now I’m thinking about Schulz.

Just kidding I think about Schultz constantly.

Oh they’re talking that’s me. I’m boarding.

Much love,



I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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