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Packing for Christmas

Hello humans of the internet! I would like to start off by saying that I successfully found Christmas presents for everyone. And I’m very close to being done packing for Christmas. By that I mean I’ll only have to rearrange and banish items only 3 or 4 more times. I have discovered that Christmas packing is so much harder than regular packing because a large part of the suitcase is presents.

And I had to go a little extra and make a cardboard fireplace to create the homey Christmas feel. And I debated my Christmas theme for awhile this year. I considered holographic, southwest, and galaxy. But I’ve finally settled on the isle of misfit toys from Rudolf. Pictures to come. Of all of this. They won’t be very good pictures though because my Canberra wad one of the things that got banished from the suitcase. While I know I’ll miss the camera I’ll be able to pack my Christmas sweater and gifts for Schulz’s sister. And at least my phone has a camera.

Packing for winter in general has proven to be difficult mostly because I live in the South Carolina low country. Like sure we get cold. Last year we had snow. That was super abnormal but it happened. The thing is that the cold doesn’t last very long at all. Winter is very short and mostly just rain. I’m sorry I talk about our weather so much. It’s just or weather is always actively being weather, you know? It’s always different and usually dramatic. It’s honestly a lot of storms. Regardless I don’t own a ton of winter clothes and the issue I’ve run into is that if I pack enough for the 6 days I’ll be there, I dont have enough for now until Friday. Yes, I know I can do laundry and I am. I just never noticed how few long sleeve shirts I own. On the bright side, San Diego isn’t that cold.

I know I haven’t been posting super regularly but here’s a list of upcoming posts that I’ve been working on.

Another kawaii box review. I got an email saying it had shipped awhile ago but our mail is super slow because of where I live.

Another ” we’re all just people on a big blue planet” interview.

A Barbie toy review. I say review for lack of a better word its not really a toy review at all but you’ll see on the 28th.

A Christmas sweater comparison for the upcoming ugly sweater party at work.

A short post about San Diego, but I mostly want to just enjoy a nice homey Christmas, granted far away from home but I do feel as though I’m going home for the holidays.

And yet another post in the hair adventures. It didn’t go well.

Much love



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    1. I love Zoos. Specific zoos. Some zoos are sad and make me want to take all the creatures and take care of them. But Zoos like Riverbanks in SC, and the San Diego zoo are great.

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