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Happy Advent

Hello Humans of the internet.  Yes it is several days into advent.  No I haven’t posted anything about Advent yet.  I’m sorry.  I’ve been really busy.  My Christmas shopping is actually almost done.  I just want to take a moment a be impressed with myself.  I mean there’s a couple of people on my list (2) and I really need to get them gifts (like it might be embarrassing that I don’t have anything for them).  Which leads me to ask a couple of questions about this holiday we call Christmas.Why do we scramble to buy gifts for people.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love giving gifts.  (I’m very uncomfortable getting gifts, but I love to give them.)  But I always want to give someone something that is meaningful and something that they will actually use.  This gets difficult if you are buying for a person you don’t actually know but you are still obligated to get a gift for.  Like a work gift exchange or your boyfriend’s older sister who you’ve never met but will be spending several days with over Christmas.  A work gift exchange is almost easier than a boyfriend’s sister that you don’t know but will and feel obligated to give a gift she will like.  A work friend you can really just get a gift pack in a color that you see her in a lot and hope for the best.  There’s a 50% chance she’ll never use any of the items from the gift pack, but she might and it’s the thought that counts.  Your boyfriend’s sister on the other hand you have to spend more time with and what if you get something for her and then while chatting with her you realize that what you got for her is not something she’ll like at all but you already got it and wraped it and it’s sitting in the hotel room underneath the cardboard Christmas tree.  I’m a little stressed about this.  I feel like we shouldn’t do gifts at Christmas.  We should just buy each other presents when we see something that they’ll like and not limit sharing love to 1 time out of the year.  Or when we are going to see someone that we don’t see often and it’s in December you feel obligated to bring a gift.  That’s not fair.  And then I just feel anxious about wanting to hang out with friends in December because I don’t want them to feel like they need to find me a present.

I did intend to write this post about Advent and waiting on Christ and all that and instead I just wrote a lot about insecurities surrounding gift giving and receiving.  I’m sorry that I did this to you.  Maybe next time I’ll actually talk about what I sit down to write about.

much love



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3 thoughts on “Happy Advent

  1. As I’ve got older, I’ve massively reduced the gift giving, to the point I now only really buy for my partner. We tend to buy tickets for shows or go for a day out. Otherwise our rule is something to eat/drink/wear rather than ‘stuff’. Family and friends agreed long ago that we’d forego the pressure of buying something no-one wanted or needed, with money we didn’t have. We just exchange cards. I know families that adopt the Secret Santa idea, that also gives you the option of consulting with another member of the family if you’re not sure what your recipient would like. It just takes someone brave enough to say ‘let’s do things differently’! I’d much rather have a gift card than an ornament 😉 Gosh, I sound like Ebeneezer Scrooge! Enjoy your Christmas visit 🙂

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