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Hair Adventures Chapter Pink

Hello humans of the internet! I’ve posted about my hair on here before. It’s no secret that I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. It’s wild. When I read magazine articles to find the best cut for my hair and there’s a list of questions like is your hair straight? Is it curly? Is it fine? Is it thick? Is it coarse? And honestly my answer is all of the above. You may remember last year when I dyed my hair green screen green. Like actually the color of a green screen.

And yes I did think I looked really hot when I took this picture. I also gave myself a pixie cut last year. Like went in the bath room and chopped off about 7 inches of hair. When I got it dyed green it had to be bleached.

A few months after going green I decided to stop dyeing my hair and impulsively cutting it off. I decided that I was going to just let my hair grow and be healthy hair. Except here’s the thing. I like having colorful hair. I have decided that I don’t want to bleach my hair again. I feel pretty strongly about that. So I went to my good friend who happens to be a hair professional and an amazing colorist with a picture of a shiny dragonair (a Pokemon) and said that I wanted my hair to be that color. Her did a petty good job and I feel like I’m accomplishing my goal of being an anime character.

I did dye my own hair with a temporary dye a few days ago. It was much brighter and I liked it but it washed out after about 3 days. And I really like what he did. It’s almost like he’s a hair professional that knows what he’s doing, yoy know because he went to school for that and all. So here we are now, looking like a Pokemon trainer. Which is the goal. Being a Pokemon trainer is always the goal.


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