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A Haunted Halloweek

Hello humans of the internet! Its Halloween day! So, I’m paying something that I actually did Sunday, but its the most Halloween thing I’ve had time for this year. Okay I work a full time job. As much as I would love to focus 8 hours a day to this blog, that’s not my reality.

First, my ears of the day!

I don’t have any because forgot my ears and didn’t realize it until I got to the haunted house. I thought about taking a selfie with ears when I got home and pretending, but I didn’t want to lie to y’all.

My good friend, Rachel and I went to a haunted house on Sunday. First of all freeze everything and applaud my friend making abilities. I made a real life friend. She’s really cool. It was her first time going to a haunted house and I’m happy to report that she had a good time. I love haunted houses and tours and all that. My favorites are haunted tours of “really” haunted places. I don’t know your person all beliefs, but I lived with a ghost for several years.

Moving on, the haunted house was really fun and the kids that put it together did a fantastic job.

Much love



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