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Hallweek Pumpkin finding adventure

Hello Humans of the internet. It’s technically the first day of Halloweek. I thought yesterday was but then I realized that would be an eight day week. So, this year, Halloweek is eight days. Longest week of the year. This also means that I don’t have enough ears for every day of Halloweek so I’ll either have to wear a pair twice or get more, or improvise something.

First I would like to start with what I’ve decided to dub: the #eotd or Ears Of The Day. Kind of like an outfit of the day, but more fun. (More fun for me anyway) I have this picture of me pretending to be surprised by a selfie in order to hide my acne. I’m 23, why do I still get acne like a 14 year old?

So, I went to get pumpkins this weekend. In our family we wait until after my sister’s birthday to buy and carve pumpkins. Because we get pumpkins do close to Halloween, they’re usually pretty picked over. That’s not a problem, it just makes it even more exciting to find the prefect pumpkin. I went alone to the grocery store (alone is very relevant to this story) to get a pumpkin or two. When I got there I found the pumpkin bin and initially thought it was empty. But there where a couple of pumpkins down at the very bottom. I’m not tall. I’m approximately 5’2″ give or take half an inch. The sturdy cardboard of the pumpkin bin comes up above my waist so when I try to bend down to pick up the pumpkin, I cant just touch the top of the pumpkin, not nearly a good enough grip to pick up the pumpkin. So I climb on the pallet next to the pumpkin bin and stretch and stretch and lose my balance. The aforementioned sturdy cardboard is very sturdy and supports my weight at I teeter still gripping the pumpkin fairly sure that if I let go of the pumpkin, I’ll just fall headfirst into the pumpkin bin. As I’m kicking my toes to get them back under me and trying to right myself, a high school classmate who I seen in since 2013, walked up to the pumpkin bin, noticed me, said hey and continued about his shopping. So basically a person who hasn’t seen me in 5 years saw me upside down in a pumpkin bin and was like, that seems normal. I think that says a lot about my personality. Really.

I still don’t know what to carve into the pumpkin.

Much love



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