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Halloweek Outfit of the Day

Hello Humans of the internet!  I decided to do the thing that many bloggers do and post what I wore today.  Why?  Because it was fun.  I had a great time hanging out with my sister and taking pictures in the front yard.  Did people we know drive by? yes.  Was that a little bit embarrassing? yes.  Was the lighting significantly better than the lighting in the back yard? also yes.

On the first day of Halloweek, I busted out the cat ears.  And in case anyone wondered, I do have enough pairs of ears for everyday of Halloweek.  I realize that you can’t actually see the cat ears with the straight up halo of the setting sun, but I felt attractive in this picture so I couldn’t help but use it as the Halloweek outfit of the day picture.    102_0093.jpg

I know that real lifestyle bloggers say where they got the outfit of the day, but mine came from thrift stores.  Except the leggings.  My leggings came from my baby cousin, Panda, who is now taller than me.  The cat ears came from Wal-Mart.

And here’s a picture where you can actually see the ears.  I feel like these are nice subtle ears.  Casual and good for every day wear.  Honestly, I’d wear these all year.  This is not Halloween specific for me.  Yes I am in a tree.  KODAK Digital Still Camera

Happy Halloweek y’all.  I hope you somewhat enjoyed this post.  More importantly I can’t decide what to carve in my pumpkin.  Do you have any suggestions?  Let me know down below.

much love



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