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Halloween Make up fail

Hello Humans of the internet! So, I bought fancy new make-up in order to make a spooky Halloween make-up tutorial and a cute Halloween make-up tutorial.  I say “fancy” make-up.  It was make-up from the Halloween section in Wal-Mart.  My plan was to do a tutorial using cheap easily available make-up similar to this one that I did last year.  So, yesterday when I was doing the tutorial for the cute Halloween make-up, I had a bit of a mishap.  Here’s what happened.

I drew my make-up inspiration from the Lisa Frank panda painter that was one of my favorites as a child.

Step 1:  primer and foundation.  And admire my makeshift background that I put up to feel like a real blogger.


Step 2: Decide on a look.  I wanted to become the panda painter from the Lisa Frank notebooks.  So, I would have used mostly the purple and pink and then glitter because even if you mess up, glitter makes it better102_0032.JPG

Step 3:  Go right in for the nose.  The panda painter has a purple nose, so obviously I also need a purple nose.  It helps to make really unflattering  expressions for this step.102_0034.JPG

Step 4: get a brush so that there is even more purple pigment on your nose.  The next step should be to put it onto your eyes to create that panda eye patch look.102_0035.JPG

Step 5: realize that your nose is super itchy.  So itchy you can’t concentrate.

Step 6: get a make up wipe and wipe it all off. And notice that your nose is still slightly pink.

Step 7:  Keep trying to get the pink off of your increasingly itchy nose.

Step 8: Realize that you are definitely allergic to whatever is in this make-up and takes some allergy medicine.

Step 9:  Remember that you are supposed to have a Skype date with your boyfriend in about 20 minutes

Step 10:  Take a picture of yourself doing your normal make up so that you have something so show for this blog. 102_0040.JPG

Step 11:  Pose and make a mental note to never straighten your hair gain.  Then go skype your boyfriend


I hope that you enjoyed reading that.  And tomorrow starts Halloweek.  Let me know if there is any make up tutorial that you would actually like to see.  I will be using my regular make-up for it.  I was thinking of possilbly doing a gore make up look using regular make up.  Let me know if you would be interested in seeing that.  Until next time keep it weird, y’all

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