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A Kawaii Halloween!

Hello Humans of the internet!  I hope that you are having a fantastic start to the week.  I would like to start off by saying that our town was very fortunate during this Hurricane season.  I think just about everyone lost power, but it was back on within a few hours.  There were quite a few trees down, but no really bad damage. Continued prayers to everyone affected by this storm.  For right now, because the watching the news is overwhelming and I sometimes don’t want to believe the things said by our politicians, I think it’s time for some tiny toys.  And I’ll go back to being an adult in a little bit.  

This is actually something I ordered several weeks ago and had no idea how much I would need a dose of cute and happy.  It is a subscription box called Kawaii Box.  You might have heard of it.  I actually first heard about this about a year ago, and finally bought one.  If you’ve been reading for awhile you know my obsession with tiny cute things and specifically mystery tiny cute things.  This box is my dream.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
This box came in the mail.  Even the box is adorable, or I suppose I should say, Kawaii.

Upon opening I was greeted with even more cuteness.  I got so excited about the cuteness I made my sister come watch me open the box.  I’m not even kidding.  This tissue paper is a really good touch.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
This tissue paper has pink rainbows and a realize that the rainbow being pink makes it not really a rainbow, but it does make it exponentially cuter.

I’m all about it’s what’s on the inside that counts though, and let me tell you it did not disappoint.  It set up for a lot of cute and lived up to the self-created expectations.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
just look at that, what about that isn’t cute?  the answer is nothing all of it is cute.

My eyes gravitated towards the little onigiri plush because that’s flawless.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
It’s a rice ball with a face.  If I was still in school, I would attach this guy to my backpack.  As an adult, I have no idea what to attach him to.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
A little compact with a hungry cat on it.  Honestly this is flawless.  I know I keep saying flawless, but look at it, it’s flawless.  I did try to take a picture of the mirror but it reflected weird.   It’s got a normal mirror and a close up mirror.

This is a little squishie ghostie.  He is super satisfying to squish and I really love squishies.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
It’s a cat head coin purse key chain.  I’m going to use it
Fancy little pencils and erasers and I’ve talked about my love for cute school/office supplies.  I just feel like I’m writing a drawing better if I’m surrounded by cute things.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Again flawlessly cute school/office supplies.  It’s little sticky tabs to mark stuff.  I wish I had these back when I was writing research papers, do you know how much more fun that would be?  So much more fun.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
My only issue with this little bunny is that my dyslexic self will not be able to read anything written on this, so I will probably give this sticky notes to someone who can use them.  They are precious and I wish I could read on colors.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
This is a card holder.  I think it would be super helpful if you live in London and have the Oyster card for the tube.  I spent a semester there and did lose my oyster card a good bit I think that a unicorn would give me more incentive to keep up with it.  As I am not currently in a place with a bus pass, my goal is to get Schulz to use this for his I.D.  I will keep y’all posted on how that goes.
ghost stickers and look some of them are wearing makeup.  I love it.  It’s so much fun. I’m going to stick some of these onto the next package I send to Schulz.
And finally even the pamphlet that lists off everything that should be in the box is just cute.  I love that this stuff is just cute for the sake of being cute.  Especially the things that need to exist.  We need pencils, why not make them cute?  This had to go into a box to be shipped, make it cute.

I’m including a link the the website of the Kawaii Box company.  It’s at the bottom of the page.  I’m not advertising for them or anything.  I just think it’s cute and fun and if you’re interested that’s where to find it.  Anyway, I hope that you enjoy this.  I just wanted to treat myself to a Kawaii Box and I wanted to tell y’all about it because it’s cute and the world is dark, so let’s just enjoy a little cuteness for a while.

much love



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2 thoughts on “A Kawaii Halloween!

  1. I loved opening your box with you. While my daughter is now 43 and doesn’t crave those things any more, you took me back to when that was her favorite way to spend her allowance. Especially on Hello Kitty.

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