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Fish Tank Decor! Actual post

Hello Humans of the internet! It’s Friday and it was pointed out to my by Elizabeth, thank you, that there was nothing on the post for today.  I did write a whole post about looking for safe fish tank decorations and deciding to only decorate the outside of the tank.  For some reason, potentially because I was trying to upload the post during a hurricane, it did not upload correctly.  I also didn’t save the original post to my computer.  So let me summarize it.

I’m sure if you have ever had fish or wanted fish, or wandered down the fish row in Wal-Mart, you’ve seen the super cute brightly colored plastic fish tank decoration that I used to have a picture of but I won’t be driving 30 minutes to Wal-Mart right now to try to sneakily take a second picture on my phone because I deleted it thinking it was saved to the computer.  They are bright, typically neon or rainbow, sometimes a pineapple or a no fishing sign.  As a child my beta fish had a piece of neon rainbow coral.  They also died after 3 days or less.  It was not until years later that I learned that the beautiful rainbow coral is what killed them.  My older brother is a biologist and I learned through him that these types of plastic plants release toxins into the water.  There are plenty of safe tank decorations but I feel better about using all natural decorations so my tank has rocks and live plants.  I actually need to trim some of the plants and move them over to the 20 gallon that is just for plants.  So with all that in mind, as tempting as it is to but the plastic sugar skull for the tank, I only decorate the outside of the tank and this is how it turned out this time.



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