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Spooky Time

Hello humans of the internet! As I’m sure you are all aware, it’s October.  But, it’s still pretty early in October and South Carolina is still 90 degrees.  It’s really hard to be in the spooky Halloween spirit when it’s 90 degrees outside.  So, I decided to list off all the things that scare me in order to get into the spooky spirit.  Feel fear to share things that scare you and to judge the things that scare me.  

  1. spiders.  I know not that original, but come one spiders are terrifying.
  2. surprise mice and other rodents.  Not all mice and rodents.  Just surprise ones.  If you have a pet rodent, I bet they are super cool.  I used to have pet mice (one developed a tumor and was cannibalized by the other one.  There is a possibility that this is why I’m a little afraid of rodents).  Anyway, the only time I’m really afraid of rodents is when they just appear out of no where.  Like if there’s one in your house and you walk into the kitchen and it’s just sitting on the counter and I’m not expecting it, that scares me.
  3. Some dogs.  I love 99% of dogs.  I’m the person that walked up and hugged an Irish wolfhound the first time I met it.  But, the pit bull that came into our yard and chased my dad, scared me.  Hunter the newfoundland retriever has no flaws.  But, my aunt’s evil jack russell terrier is the worst and most terrifying dog.  I guess, I’m afraid of dogs that are actively trying to bite me or someone else.
  4. Social situations.  yep.
  5. random diseases that I don’t have and am unlikely to ever contract.  Why?  because I spend too much time online.  Also my mother is a germaphobe and instilled her germaphobic ways in me.



I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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