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Halloween Month 2018!

Hello, Humans of the internet!  It’s my time!  It’s costume, make-up, fake blood, monster movie, and pumpkin time!!  

I’m a little sad going into this month for a number of reasons.  A year ago is when Simon, my cat, was getting sicker and sicker.  He was starting to lose weight which was really upsetting because he has always been a really fat cat.  On Halloween of last year I went to the vet with him dressed as Rosie the Riveter and we were told that there wasn’t anything they could do and prescribed pain medication to ease it (they did say that he could live up to another year, but he passed just 2 weeks later.)

I’m also a little sad about not being able to share my Halloween love with Schulz.  (For anyone who doesn’t know, Schulz is my boyfriend and he is in the military so I don’t get to see him very often.)  I think normal people feel this about their long distance significant other around Christmas time.  I might feel like this around Christmas, we haven’t experienced a Christmas dating couple.  But right now, I’m super upset about Halloween because it’s something that’s fun for me and I want to share that with my person.  So, I’m probably going to deal with that by overloading all y’all with Halloween posts.


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