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The Good Teachers

Hello Humans of the internet!  On this blog I have talked about negative school experiences.  I’ve talked about teachers that made me miserable.  I would like to take today to talk about teachers that were really good and helped me learn.  In the fourth grade I had two great teachers.  One was an English teacher who let me take spelling tests either after school or during recess.  I realize that that sounds like a punishment, but she did it so that I would be able to take the test in a calm quiet classroom.  I really helped.  I obviously wasn’t perfect at spelling because dyslexia, but being in a stress free environment actually reduced the problems I had.  The other was as math teacher who let me try again on math problems.  One of the biggest problems I was having with dyslexia at that point in my life was solving math problems but somewhere, I’d switch up the numbers.  So, my fourth grade math teacher would ask me to explain how to solve the problem and if I could, then she would give me credit for the problem.

In seventh grade, I had another math teacher.  Honestly, I can’t think of a specific incident of this teacher being a “good for special needs” teacher.  And that’s because everyday for every child she made her classroom an open and comfortable learning environment.  Everyone in our class had a particularly good year.

Now, I’m not including college professors, so the final teacher is my home ec teacher from high school.  She valued the talents of all of her students.  Not just academic talents.  She encouraged my sewing and gave me tips on making my own prom dress.  I don’t know if would have studied costuming in college if it hadn’t been for her and home ec classes.

I hope you enjoyed this post.  As much as I hated school, I did have some great experiences and some great teachers.  I think the biggest thing I’d like people to take away from this is that there are people who care.  Even when you feel like all you teachers think you’re not smart enough and you don’t really have friends,  someone cares.

much love



I'm a writer with dyslexic.

5 thoughts on “The Good Teachers

  1. One of the sad truths I learned in teaching college freshmen, many of whom were dyslexic(many art students are) was how many awful English teachers there are! I am glad that you had a few good teachers. Any in college?

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    1. In college I had more good teachers than bad. I had great teachers who were understanding and accepting of students with all kinds of abilities. The best thing was our colleges center for student success. Which was their special needs department. It was a great environment. Unlike in high school, the testing area didn’t feel like a punishment.

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        1. The biggest difference is a totally different view on schooling. College professors and students are in general much more passionate about the subject and learning in general

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