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Hurricane Reflections

Hello humans of the internet. I realize this is sort of a rambling post, please feel free to skip it, but please come back on Friday as I’ve decided to restart we’re all just people on a big blue planet posts. 

As we sat waiting for the hurricane that never came to us, I couldn’t help but think about how for a few months our lives revolve around hurricanes. We stock up on non perishable food and gallon jugs of water. We watch the weather diligently. And we wait. We know that eventually a hurricane will come. Some will make landfall and not be as bad as we were told they would be. Some will be worse. Some will hit a completely different part of the coast. And the whole thing got me thinking about Christ. Now I know what you’re thinking, “these Jesus freaks will relate anything to their God.” But just bare with me for a moment. 

As Christians we are waiting. And we aren’t 100% sure what we are waiting for. We are waiting for Christ, but like the hurricanes we don’t know when, or how he will come just that he will. It’s scary honestly because we don’t know. Luckily, Christ unlike the hurricanes has reassured us over and over to not be afraid. 

Much love



I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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