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Hurricane Season 2018

Hello humans of the internet! I’m sorry I missed Tuesday’s post, I completely lost tank of the days of the week.  We’ve had a lot of mixed forecasts about Florence. We’ve been told to evacuate (which almost never happens, we’re far enough from the coast to handle the storms that make it to us.) We’ve had schools closed, the school’s opened, then schools closed again. We were told it would hit us, we we’re told it wouldn’t hit us, and then we were told its gonna make a sharp left to come hit us. 

All I know is that it’s been cloudy and windy since yesterday morning and today, I smell salt in the air. It’s a very very fake smell that comes with tropical storms and hurricanes. It doesn’t seem like it’ll be too bad here. But I wouldn’t dare say anything definite one way or the other when it comes to hurricanes. 

Please think of the victims of this storm. The water is high and there will be so much damage when it recedes. Offer help if you are able, prayers if you believe, and well wishes if nothing else. 

Much love



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