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Pumpkin Spice

Hello Humans of the internet!  It’s not yet fall.  It feels like summer.  But, all the media and advertising seems to have decided that it is fall.  That means that there’s pumpkin spice everywhere.  There’s not as much as I’ve noticed in the past, but that might be because it’s still very early and not yet actually fall.  I have heard that apparently other parts of the world are starting to cool off.  

I used to hate pumpkin spice.  I hated it so much.  I hated pumpkin spice to the point that I didn’t like people who liked pumpkin spice.  I know I’m not the only person like this.  I literally bonded with people over hating pumpkin spice.  Like many others, we insulted the “type of girl that likes pumpkins spice.”  We thought they were mindless followers.  They were dumb blondes.  They were basic.  We believed that our choice to have coffee with sugar somehow made us better than girls drinking pumpkin spice lattes.  Like somehow in our teenaged brains we believed that we were smarter and better and somehow better feminist than the girls how wore uggs and drank pumpkin spice.  But here’s the thing.  We never tried pumpkin spice.  So, here’s the thing that I realized, me and my friends were just as much mindless followers as we were accusing these “other girls” of being.

So, I tried Pumpkin Spice tea.  I was going to drink a pumpkin spice latte, but I prefer tea.  It tasted really good.  I’ve been drinking it a good bit lately.  I mentioned it in a recent post I believe.  And as a slightly more grown person, it seems insane to me that just 4 years ago, I was shallow enough to think that hating pumpkin spice made me better and less “basic.”  I’m not even sure what “basic” means.  I remember that we thought that certain girls were basic.  But here’s the thing, the girls we usually called basic and thought less of because of something so basic as their coffee and shoes were usually, pretty and talented and smart.  So, I’m pretty sure it was less about them enjoying their coffee and more about our insecurities.

So, this has been kind of a rambling post, but I wanted to leave y’all with a moral of the story.  It was never about the pumpkin spice.  It was always about being jealous of pretty, confident humans.  At least high school ends eventually.

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2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Spice

  1. And to think some people say high school was the happiest time of their lives. On another subject, on the way to buy everyone shoes on Saturday we passed a yard totally decked out for Halloween. Do you have a twin in Connecticut?😂🤣😂🤣

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