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August 2018 Highs, Lows, and Uh-ohs

Hello Humans of the internet!  It’s the end of another month which means it’s time for another review of the month.  This was a really good month.  I don’t think I have any lows for August.  I do have plenty of uh-ohs though (by plenty, I mean one but I feel really bad about that).  I can be counted on to do something ridiculous. Highs:

  1. I reached 3 years of blogging.  This honestly feels insane.  I feel like I’ve just started blogging and am still super new to this, but I guess 3 years is starting to feel like a long time.
  2. Today (or yesterday, I don’t remember if it was the 30th or 31st) is the anniversary of the first time I met Schulz.  Now, I’m not a romantic person and I really get annoyed by people who feel the need to celebrate the every insignificant moment in their dating lives, for example 1 week anniversaries (anniversary means year.  Someone whose better at explaining language help.  I don’t know the break down of that, but I know it means year).  But I feel like I can celebrate meeting Schulz exactly 6 years ago.  That’s pretty impressive that we are together now especially considering that my 17 year old self’s initial reaction was “he might be cute if he didn’t have so much greasy hair in his face.”  But you know what we should focus on, I remember that.  That passing thought was significant enough to 17 year old me that it became a long term memory.  So now you know about it.
  3. I got a tip at work!!!  This isn’t typical at my place of work, but I occasionally do get tips, it’s happened twice.  Sometimes people are just super happy with their artwork.  (most people will try to argue that artwork shouldn’t cost so much.  I believe that we charge very reasonably, but some people will disagree.)


  1. I may have started a fight with Schulz simply because I was having a bad day and pms.  Okay, my period was about 3 days away and I started a fight for no reason.  I was feeling very insecure and grumpy.  I still feel guilty about starting a fight.  Side note, Schulz is actually the best boyfriend because he didn’t fight with me and literally just told me that he loved me which made me feel even more guilty.
  2. I only had the one uh-oh, but it felt like a really big uh-oh because I still feel bad.


I put lows last because I really can’t think of a low.  I mean I had an ear infection and ended up getting some weird ear problem from that, but I’m taking medicine and getting better, so I don’t really think that’s a low.  Like I hate being sick, but as a person with allergies and asthma whose prone to ear infections, I also don’t feel like I can consider every time I get sick a low.

I feel like for me August has always been a basically good month for me.  I did get an idea from writing my posts on things not to ask dyslexic people.  And I realized that some of the questions while frankly rude, are coming from a genuine place.  So I wanted to ask if anyone had any questions about being dyslexic.  Please feel free to ask anything, and I promise not to be judgmental.  I’ll probably be answering them next Friday.

much love



I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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