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Another Post About Doctor

Hello Humans of the internet!  It’s been a really long time since I talked about all the critters in my life.  Doctor is still doing great.  Benedick is living his best budgie life.  He can almost say “hello” and has enough toys to rotate them.  The original fish tank is thriving and so is the tank of baby fish that showed up.  There ended up being a total of 10 baby fish, unfortunately only 9 survived.  The 9 survivors are thriving and need names, they are still very hard to tell apart, but I still want to name them.  On to the main point of this post.

So, I discovered something about Doctor recently.  Doctor is not a he.  Doctor is a she.  I feel like a bad critter person.  But even the book about rabbits that I bought says that it’s very hard to tell the difference until the rabbit is fully mature and even then it can be difficult.  So, rabbit gender doesn’t really matter for a pet rabbit as far as I know.  I do plan to breed rabbits because I’m a farm person.  Anyway it turns out that Doctor is a she.  But that isn’t really the main point of this.  The point is that a friend of mine said that I’m going to have to change her name because Doctor sounds like a boy name.

Doctor is a level of education.  So, frankly I got a little offended that my friend assumed that my rabbit couldn’t have gotten her phd in chewing just because she’s a female rabbit.  Doctor is a hard working rabbit that chewed a lot of things to earn her degree.  She chewed and insane amount of toys, two rugs, a water bottle, a towel, some tape, a cage, and my hair.  AND she put up with everyone believing she was a boy for the first year of her life.  Doctor earned her degree in chewing and deserves to be called Doctor despite her gender.

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I'm a writer with dyslexic.

2 thoughts on “Another Post About Doctor

    1. I have heard that kittens are really had to accurately tell which gender. Not as hard as rabbits, even my book about rabbit raising said its hard to tell with rabbits.

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