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More things to stop saying to Dyslexic people”

Hello humans of the internet how are you on this lovely Tuesday!  I hope that you are all well.  I’m great and have had a surprisingly few number of Dysadventures so, I’m going to talk about three more things that you should stop saying to dyslexic people.  It was really fun to write and there’s a lot more things that people say.  (I feel like I’ve been complaining about a lot of things lately.  I’m sorry, but it is fun to write)

  1. “What did (your significant other) think when they found out?  What are you even asking?  Why would you say this?  I have been asked this question.  I have literally been asked the words “What did Schulz think when he found out you were dyslexic?”  It’s not like dyslexia is an STD, we didn’t have to have a talk about me being dyslexic.  I just said hey read this, I can’t.  That was the whole conversation.  (granted I have gone on a date and the guy said it wouldn’t work because I’m dyslexic, I’m pretty sure I talked about it in a post).
  2. “I learned to read before they even started school”  …okay…I’m happy for you.  I don’t know why your telling me this.  This mostly happened as a high school kid.  People would hear that I was dyslexic and then they would respond with what young age they started reading.  This obviously happens a lot less as an adult because most people don’t care about stuff like that anymore.
  3. “My kids are going to be super smart, I’m sure they will be reading before they can walk.”  Okay, so this is something that has only been said once.  And I feel like I might be being over sensitive.  A little context this was coming from a person really close to me and we were talking about how there are all different types of intelligence and how they can’t be compared.  Tell me if I’m being over sensitive.  I think maybe.  But, I’m also a little bothered that someone who grew up with a dyslexic person still equates reading with intelligence.

I hope you are enjoyed that.  Let me know what you think of the third one and if there are anymore that should be added.

much love



I'm a writer with dyslexic.

9 thoughts on “More things to stop saying to Dyslexic people”

  1. “If you only tried harder, I am sure you could read it.” “Your brain just needs more(insert current nutritional fad). “Aren’t you worried that your kids will inherit it?” Love to you girl.

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          1. Bop them on the head for me. A dear friend has a husband with albinism. Her ob/gyn actually quizzed her about being worrried about a child having albinism. She replied, “ why would I be. I love my husband and would love a child who looked like him.”

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