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Clavery  Baptist Church

Hello humans of the internet!  Its time for a dysadventure. Cause, boy was this a long day.  I don’t remember when I originally wrote this one but, I’m glad I didn’t post it then because I was so full of spelling errors I don’t know if you could have understood it.  I should have known because I was really tired that day. If you don’t understand what I mean, here’s a slightly better explanation.

So, on Friday, a woman cane in to order some shirts. That’s normal, we’re a t-shirt place that’s what we do. Anyway, the church is called Calvary Baptist Church. Nothing wrong with that perfectly normal name for a church, however every time I read it, I read clavery. Which confused me.  So I tried to make sense of it and was feeling pretty stubborn and convinced I could will myself to read. So then I realize, oh it says Calvary, I know what Calvary is. You would think I would then be able to spell it. But let me tell you, I so so carefully typed in Clavery Baptist Church. I doubled checked it and thought, yep that’s perfect. Then I sent the design to the client for approval. They said, you spelled Calvary wrong.

I apologized and “fixed” it. At least I thought I fixed it. It turns out I deleted it, and typed it back in the exact same way, and 100% believed it was now different and right. A co-worker sees it and says you spelled it Clavery, it’s supposed to be spelled: cavalry.  So, I deleted it again and typed it in again. And sent ut back to the client for approval.  And they said you didn’t change it. So, that’s the story of how I spelled the same word wrong, I’m the exact same way three times in a row.

I hope you got a good laugh at my life. It’s funny now, but at the time I wanted to hide my face and never write/type again.

Much love



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I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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