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Blogging With Dyslexia

Hello humans of the internet! I wanted to just talk a little bit about blogging with dyslexia. Because honestly sometimes its really hard to read and write.  I’m also very stubborn and don’t always want to ask for help.  I know I’ve talked about asking for help before and how it seems like the most obvious answer for a person with any type of disability. But here’s the thing, no one wants to feel completely reliant. That’s how people are made, it’s the reason we move out of our parent’s house. We want to be self reliant. 

We all have days where were more tired, or sick, or just generally stressed out. And we all react differently. For me that means that the mental energy required to force these squiggly lines into words, is being used up elsewhere. This makes a lot of things harder. For example blogging. I love to read blogs and see how people are and what they’re doing. But by the end of the day after work, I can’t read very well at all. I also love to write, but I can’t make sense of what I’m typing and I’m afraid that I’ll make a bad mistake and never catch it.  

So, the most logical way to deal with that is to get someone to help me read and to make sure that I wrote what I wanted to say. But here’s the thing: some days I really hate that I need help. And I know that everyone has different talents. And I’m all about positivity and most of the time I wouldn’t change that I’m dyslexic. Most of the time I believe that being dyslexic is part of who I am and somehow important for God’s plan in my life. But sometimes, like today, I’m just really frustrated. 

Sorry for the slight ranting. I promise to write some more positive posts. I actually have another care package post in the works as well as one I’m potentially calling,  “things to do while your boyfriend’s deployed.”  Would y’all be interested in either of those? 

Much love, 



I'm a writer with dyslexic.

5 thoughts on “Blogging With Dyslexia

  1. I don’t care how often you post so long as you post. I get many laughs from your mistakes at work since they aren’t life threatening. I also cheer you on in your long distance relationship.

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        1. I agree. I think I at least feel more authentic in writings than I can be in person because I can make sure I’m saying exactly what I mean in writings.

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