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A Thing I Noticed About Phones 

Hello, humans of the internet! Last night I went to Augusta to see Dan and Phil’s stage show, Interactive Interverts. It was, of course, a great experience. As much as I would like to just talk about that for 10 hours straight, I’m going to talk about something I noticed about humans.  

Humans, especially young humans, are obsessed with they’re phones.  First of all, show etiquette, don’t take pictures and film the whole time. No one behind you wants to watch the show through your phone screen because you’re holding it up in front of them. Second, still show etiquette, flash, is super distracting to actors and preformers. Just don’t do it.  

That aside back to what I noticed about teens and phones. They can’t put them down. During the show they were all snap chatting pictures of themselves at the show. As soon as intermission started, they were all looking down at their phones. Now, I get it, I will also do almost anything to avoid social interactions. I’m on my phone right now im the break room not talking to anyone. But, can we try to maybe live in the moment, whatever the moment is. Be it a show, concert, family time, a shopping trip with your friends, whatever the moment is. Let’s try to be in it. Every moment will only happen once. 

Anyway, I’m feeling a little sentimental today. I hope you are all having a great week, now put your phone down. 

Much love



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11 thoughts on “A Thing I Noticed About Phones 

    1. I can’t speak for all of them, but a girl next to me was posting everything on her Snapchat. Personally, I only have about 3 friends and one of them was there with me

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