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Mystery Monday: long distance relationship edition

Hello humans of the internet. If any of you are now or have been in a long distance relationship then you probably understand that some days are easier than others. Honestly at first I thought I wad going to be fine because me and Schulz have been friends for so long and our friendship has persisted through distance and all kinds of things. However, it turns out this is a lot harder. Like a lot harder. Today (Sunday when I’m writing this) has been a particularly hard day. I’m currently waiting for Schulz to finish preparing for an inspection so we can video, so I decided I deserve a mystery toy. 

Lucky for me I have a desk drawer especially for unopened mystery toys just in case I decide I need one. I went with this tsum tsum:

I’ve been holding on to this particular one for a while. I would like to point out that out of all of these (way too many mystery toys) I’ve only had two repeats) luckily this one was a new one. 

As you can see you can barely tell what this is in this picture. It’s Figaro from Pinocchio. I watched Pinocchio a lot growing up because its my momma’s favourite Disney movie. (Mine was The Sword in the Stone). 

Here is a slightly better picture of the adorable Figaro tsum tsum. 
Did giving myself a toy make anything easier? Absolutely not. But it wad fun and doing this while thing has distracted me for over an hour which is one less hour that I’m moping around. (Schulz if you’re reading this please don’t think I’m moping around all the time. Today I was, but most days I handle it like a strong woman).

Much love, 



I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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