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May highs, lows, and uh-ohs.

Hello humans of the internet! Another month has come to a close which means its time to reflect. This month had a lot of emotions. 

Highs: play performances, making a new friend, and of course seeing Schulz.

Lows: looking back one more time after I was through security and seeing Schulz’s back as he walked towards the door (her did stand and wave and blow kisses for a long time but I still didn’t want to see him go) 

Returning to with the morning after getting home at and immediately jabbing to deal with annoying customers. 

Uh-ohs: this one’s a little gross, actually a lot gross. I’m lactose intolerant. And I didn’t want to be a bother so I didn’t say anything. Then ate stuff that I’m allergic to and had diarrhea in the hotel room. So much for maintaining the facade of being a perfect human that doesn’t even burp. 

 Over all, it was a great month. How did May great y’all? Good things? 

Much love, AK


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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