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San Diego 

Hello humans of the internet!  I’m back home and I had a great time in San Diego especially seeing my wonderful man after 6 months away. A word to anyone who’s interested in a military person I hope you’re prepared for a lot of waiting

Of course I picked up a car sticker in the airport. 

 The beach was surprisingly cold, but that’s probably because I’m used to South Carolina which is currently around 90 degrees.  We had a great time in our hipster glasses.  

I was fascinated by the sudden shift from desert to beach. There were tropical plants and desert plants growing next to each other. And lots of plants I’ve never seen before. 

Like this area. The only plant I recognize was the palmetto tree. Or is it a palm tree? 

We found a pizza place with these sides. I thought it was super funny but I have a simply sense of humor.

And we found this super amazing Hello Kitty Cafe and bought a pink lemonade. which was as delicious as it was photographable. 

And I couldn’t go to San Diego without going to the famous San Diego zoo. I dont remember what this animal is called but I thong he was super cute. 

Naturally, we took a selfie with the panda.  Because there was a panda. The zoo people fussed at us for holding up the line to look at the panda so we had to hurry. 

I had a great time and I’m going to miss San Diego. But mostly in going to miss Schulz. At least this time I only have to 2 months instead of 6. 

Much love



I'm a writer with dyslexic.

2 thoughts on “San Diego 

  1. I guess the person at the deli has dyslexia too! I am glad you found that Hello Kitty place. When my daughter was little that was the only place she ever wanted to go to spend her allowance. Cute man, by the way.

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