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Happy Easter

Hello Humans of the internet!  I’m aware that it’s a little early to be saying Happy Easter and that it’s still Good Friday for a few more hours.  And that Good Friday is supposed to be a very somber day.  I had originally planed a post about making Easter baskets (putting together boxes for people is one of my favorite things) but it’s been very spring-like on my parent’s tiny farm, so I thought I’d share some of that with y’all tonight.

First the weather.  It’s starting to get warmer and it’s been raining, so that’s definitely Spring in the south.

Second, every time you walk into any feed and seed store, you are greeted by a chorus of little peeping chicks.  And we had a ton hatch out at our house (27, which is a very high hatch rate).  The back porch has become a chicken nursery for the time being.

third, just before I sat down to write about all the baby chicks, I checked on my fish tank and discovered 3 tiny baby fish.  Considering that this type of fish can have up to 40 babies at a time, I’m afraid some of the other fish might have eaten the others… So, the three tiny babies are in a smaller fish tank that used to house a beta fist for a couple of years.  tomorrow, I’m going to make a post that’s all pictures of all the little baby creatures, if you’d be interested in that.


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