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Mystery Monday: Extra Dyslexic Edition

Hello Humans of the internet!  It’s Monday!  And boy was it ever a Monday.  This was one of the longest most Mondayiest of Mondays that I’ve had in a while.  Mostly because it started at 3 am.  Yeah, that’s right 3 am as in 3 in the morning.  And I didn’t just stay up that late and go to bed at 3.  I went to bed at 11 pm like a healthy person and was woken up at 3.  

Over the weekend, I bought some new bunny furniture for Doctor’s indoor cage.  (Becaue it gets very hot during the day in our summers, it’s not safe for him to be outside).  So, last night I set up his indoor cage in my room and let him spend sometime in it.  I want his indoor space to be just as comfortable for him so he doesn’t feel like coming inside is a punishment.  I want it to be just another space that he occupies.  Well, at 3 am he decided that he needed to defy gravity in his cage.  And this cage is very small.  Honestly only suitable for sleeping and not for all the time.  But, he was somehow, flying around it and making tons of noise, which woke up Benedict (he’s the new budgie who just joined my home).  So, I got up, calmed them both down and tried to go back to sleep.  Around 4, which was less than half an hour after I got Benedict and Doctor to sleep, Soot (Soot is the little grey cat) jumped in my bed.  I don’t have a problem with animals in my bed, but Soot has a flea problem and I can’t stand fleas.  So,  I had to get up and take Soot outside.  Doctor decided that right then at 4 am it was time for him to go to his big outdoor cage.  So, I took him out.  Benedict (not to be out done for neediness) screamed until I sat and talked to him.

All of this happened before 5 am.  I finally got back to sleep, then it was time to wake up.  So, now I’m exhausted (did I mention that I quit caffeine?)  Then work was very stressful.  It’s a very busy time and I have to get everything done early this week because I have allergy shots on Wednesday and Friday is Good Friday, so we don’t work.  I also had to type up 60+ names.  I have no idea if any of them are right and I reuse to put them on shirts until someone else has had a chance to review that.

I don’t know if anyone else with dyslexia experiences this, but sometimes I’m more dyslexic than other times.  by the end of the day today, I was so dyslexic, I couldn’t read at all.  I couldn’t make any of the little squiggles force themselves into words.  Which would be fine, except I had to go to play rehearsal.  I’m pretty close to off book for the first act, so it could have been worse.  But, it was really stressful to know what words should be on the page and not be able to find them.  It was like a word search except as a curel joke someone had made it out of shapes that vaugely resembled letters instead of actual letters.

I decided that I deserved a mystery toy for today.  Specifially a Pikmi Pop.  I saw this in Wal-Mart when I was looking for stuff to add to my little cousin’s exam care package (Panda, if you read this act surprised when you get the package).  I thought it looked interested, so now I’m going to show you what it was.

20180313_1235232096696129.jpg   As you can see it looks like a lollipop, so I was instantly sold.


Layers of terrible for the environment, but adorable packaging.


And its an adorable fluffy sheep creature!!  I thought this was super cute and it smelled like candy.  But I think I would have enjoyed it more if I still carried a backpack and could hang it on it.

That’s all for today.  I hope that y’all’s Monday went better than mine.  And I will see y’all on Friday for an Easter post.

much love



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