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Self Birthday Presents

Hello Humans of the internet!  First of all, I hope everyone enjoyed whatever activities they choose for International Woman’s Day last Thursday.  I personally put a Princess Leia window cling on my car.  It looks great.  Far less exciting than the empowerment of women all over the world, today is my 23rd birthday.  And I feel old.  

I know that I’m not old.  I know that 23 is still pretty young.  And I know that if there’s anyone under 18 reading this, they are saying 23 sounds old to me.  I’ve gotten used to my birthday falling during Spring Break while I was in college, so it seems weird to be going to work today.  You might be wondering what I got for my birthday.  My family gave me very sweet presents yesterday evening when we celebrated my birthday.  Mostly stuff that I use like bobby pins, green lipstick, and an amazing dinosaur mug that changes color with hot water. 

What is the best birthday present y’all have ever given or received?  Do y’all do self birthday presents?

much love


Update. I realized that I forgot to say what my self birthday present is.  I got my own domain for this blog. That was my self birthday present. 


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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