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Highs, Lows, and Uh-ohs.

Hello Humans of the internet!  It’s Wednesday and this week is already too much for one week.  I’ve had too many rude customers.  Today I got a package in the mail.  It was a Christmas present that I had sent on December 20th and had never gotten delivered apparently.  But, it’s time to focus on the positives and celebrate the end of one month and beginning of the next.  

Lows — (I thought it would be best to start with lows so that it can only go up from here.)

  1. The US had yet another school shooting.  I’d elaborate, but I think we all understand why that’s a low.
  2. So many rude customers.  Mostly right before Valentine’s Day, everyone wanted their matching couple shirts but most of these people were high school or younger.  Why are 13-year-olds buying couple shirts?  Is this normal?  Who is even a couple at 13?  Like maybe going to your first dance with boys and girls, but considering yourself a couple?  I thought 13-year-olds still had to buy those Valentine packs and give one to the whole class.  But the you pick out the really good one’s for the people you actually like.
  3. I realized just how badly I want children and that it will be several years before I am actually at a life place where I can have children.  Does this happen to other people?

Highs —

  1. I decided after much consideration that it was time to bring another pet into my life after the death of Simon the cat back in November.  I would like to introduce you to Benedict the budgie20180210_181609882542403.jpg
  2. Black Panther. If you don’t love that movie you’re wrong.  Maybe I’m just a giant nerd that cares about social justice, but I think that movie was stellar.  I’ll probably see it again in theaters.

Uh-ohs — surprisingly low on the uh-oh count this month. Just the one really

  1. I had my boyfriend’s name wrong for five years.  In my defense, I am dyslexic.  But, yeah, I had his name wrong for five years.  I always called him by his last name when we were just friends and didn’t see any reason to stop now that we are really close friends who acknowledge romantic feelings for each other.  So, I’ve always called him Shultz.  That’s how I spelled it. I’d seen him write it and thought I was writing it the exact same way.  I wasn’t.  He told me that his name is Schulz.  Which doesn’t seem like that big of a deal.  But to me, it’s like great, another way that dyslexia makes my life a little harder.  I’m now the idiot who can’t spell my boyfriend’s name.

2. One more uh-oh.  I’ve become that person who won’t shut up about their boyfriend and I’m going to blame the military because I don’t get to talk to him as much as I’d like so I just keep talking about him.  I’m sorry.  I’m trying to stop.

Let me know what your highs, lows and uh-ohs were for February.  I’d love to hear about it.

much love



I'm a writer with dyslexic.

7 thoughts on “Highs, Lows, and Uh-ohs.

    1. I put Benedict’s cage right next to my computer because the book I read on bird keeping suggested putting it where you spend the most time and that’s definitely my computer desk

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I recommend doves, rock doves to be precise. Many refer to these amazing birds as pigeons or pidgeons. The great thing about them is they choose the human as a pet and nest on our balconies. No cage needed!


    1. Thanks! I’m mostly laughing at myself on this because I used to get so annoyed with peiple who never stop talking about their significant other and here I am, as bad as anyone. Lol

      Liked by 1 person

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