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We’re All Just People on a Big Blue Planet # 8

WAJP Rachel

Hello Humans of the internet!  Today’s post is all about Rachel Kaiser!  Rachel is an amazing artist.  She does awesome work and you should definately check out her Instagram:  On with stuff directly from Rachel, so you can know how cool she is first hand.

In regards to when she first became interested in art:

My whole life! I thought for a long time that I’d be pursuing music, but I always wanted to make art more than anything.

I can say from first hand experience, that her singing voice is just as amazing as her artwork.  Rachel told me that she didn’t decide to make a career of art until high school, saying,

When I was in high school, someone close to me said I’d never make it in art, so I decided then that I wanted it to become my career.

So, let’s just all take a moment to congratulate Rachel on proving that person wrong.

I also asked for any artists out there who are curious like I am about what other artist choose to create art with, what Rachel’s preferred medium is.

I like ink more than anything.  I do mostly fine–detail pen work, so the control is really awesome for achieving that.  I also love colored pencil and henna.

Finally, as always, I asked if there was anything Rachel would like to add (I specifically asked if she had anything to add for young people who want to be artists, so if you are a young person pay extra close attention.)

If anyone tells you that you can’t do something, don’t listen to them.  If art is what you love, then you should pursue it.  It can be difficult; it’s a lot of practice, time, and hard work.  people will tell you “no,” and learning to accept constructive criticism can be tough. But if you’re willing to learn and give it all the effort you have, it’s so rewarding.  Your inspiration can inspire others.  I just think keeping it real is important.  “Making it” in art isn’t easy, at all, but hard work really pays off.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Rachel Kaiser, a great artist don’t forget to check out her Instagram to see some of her work.

If you know of someone who you would like to see an interview of or if you would like to be interviewed leave a comment or email me at or contact me on twitter @AK_Dysadventure.  I will see y’all on Wednesday.

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