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Care Package Making

Hello Humans of the Internet! Because Elizabeth’s vote counted as two, Military Care Package won.  As you might have noticed, I have a boyfriend that’s in the Marines.  So, naturally one of the first things I did after he left was begin putting together a care package because I love making care packages for the people I care about.  I debated not posting this because he has read my blog before, but he doesn’t currently have internet access, so I don’t think he see it.  

Step 1) Walk around Wal-Mart with human for which the box will be for and take note of things that they like.

Step 2) Obtain a box.  It probably makes sense to use a regular post box, but I had a Sierra Trading Post box lying around the house.

Step 3) Decorate the box.


Step 4) Figure out the person’s favorite color.  Sometimes this requires stealthy tactics such as asking straight out, “What’s your favorite color?”

Step 4.5) Obtain a notebook in that color and write something cute on the first page.


Step 5) Recall from having walked around Wal-Mart that the human the box is for really like a particular object, in this case one of those squishies.


Step 6) Add one of those de-stressing coloring books because you recognize that he has a stressful job.  But manly because you are also giving him a squishie doughnut.


so manly

Step 7) Include a plushie version of his favorite dog.


Step 8) realize that you should have bought colored pencils for the coloring book.

Step 9) Go to Wal-Mart later.

I know it’s a little bit silly.  And usually in military care packages you send things that a person actually needs like food and toiletries, but for the first care package, I wanted to send a little piece of home.  I’ll let you know how he likes it.

much love,




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6 thoughts on “Care Package Making

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I am glad that you let me have two votes. I wanted to share in the love you have for your guy by seeing what you put in the box. Very lovely and very cute about how you figured out what he would like by asking straight out “what is you favorite color?”

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