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Busy Brain

Hello Humans of the internet! Do you ever get so mentally busy you lose track of time? This happens to me all the time.  And I mean all the time. Sometimes I’m playing a video game and realize its been hours. Or I start writing at 7pm then wonder why I’m so hungry only to discover its 7am. Occasionally, I’ll get whay I call busy brain. 

Yes, I do realize that I come up with names for everything like dysadventures for things directly related to dyslexia and mental hamster wheel for cycles self doubt. And busy brain for being so focused I forget everything else exists.  

That’s what’s been going on lately. I got about 6 ideas at once. (Does that happen to you?)  I have an idea for a story (which I actually feel confident about). I got an idea for a post series (interviews with people of different professions. What are your thoughts? Would you like to read that?) I got two ideas for poetry collections (I write a lot of poetry, would you be interested in reading it at some point? I’ve thought about posting it, but can never decide.) I got an idea for a YouTube channel. (This seems like something that could be fun.) I got an idea for a costume. (A medieval ish fantasy blacksmith. For a renaissance faire trip.)

Anyway, with all of this bouncing through my brain, I lost track of time. A lot. I lost five days. Seriously. I know it sounds crazy, but my brain has been so busy I lost 5 days. I ate and slept and went to work, but I didn’t focus on anything. I just went through the motions while my brain went wild. This morning I looked at my phone and realized that its February 6th? I was so confused I actually thought we were twerp days into February. Does stuff like this happen to y’all? Do you get busy brain? 

Sorry this was a little all over the place. If you don’t mind vote in the comments for which post you want to see Wednesday: 

A. Valentine themed gore makeup

B. A military care package

C. We’re All Just People On A Big Blue Planet


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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