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Mystery Monday: Legend of Zelda Edition

Hello Humans of the internet!  I think I’ve mentioned before how much I love anything mystery.  If I haven’t, I’m saying it now:  I love anything mystery.  Ever since I was little and was obsessed with lucky egg machines.  Lucky for me, mystery box stuff is really popular right now, so I have tons of mystery options.  

Back in late December (like December 29th) I was walking through the magical clearance isle in Wal-Mart and discovered a the best thing I’ve ever found in the Wal-Mart clearance isle.  And that is really high praise, the Wal-Mart clearance isle is my favorite place.  This beautiful green box here:


It’s two of my favorite things: a mystery box and Legend of Zelda.  So, I bought it, even though it was more money then the rest of my groceries…whoops.   Anyway.  I bought it when I was walking hanging out in Wal-Mart (we’re backwoods, walking around Wal-Mart is a date) with my friend that is in the Marine Corps and I therefore don’t get to see.  It’s just been sitting in my room waiting on me since then.  I thought that I’d open it and talk about that stuff today with y’all.  Heads up, this is gonna be a little bit sappy.  P1010249.JPG

Oh, the company that made the box is called Culture Fly, which I looked up and it’s a really cool company.  I was frankly surprised that it was in a Wal-Mart.  I feel like these are more exciting to open with people.  Do y’all agree?  Does this count as opening it with people?  I think so, look y’all can see it, it’s so exciting ans mysterious.  (despite the fact that the box is labeled with the contents.)


A super soft plushie triforce which is now hanging out on my bed with a blue alpaca and a togepi.  Togepi was a self Christmas present this year.  Do y’all ever give your selves Christmas presents?  It’s more fun if you buy it and wrap it far enough in advance that you forget about it.

This wooden bank that looks like the treasure chests from the game.  I haven’t decided what to put in this chest.  Any ideas?  It’s got a little slot in the top for coins, so I’m assuming that they intend for you to put coins in it.  But, I already have a coin bank for loose change.


This coin which I’m realizing I didn’t photograph well at all.  (Do you like my nails?  I painted them green just for pictures.)


I thought it was amusing that it was upside down in the packaging, but no one I pointed it out to could tell.  The flat side is on the top.  Oh well, it’s hanging out on my dresser next to the fish tank now.  (And it’s right side up).


This super shiny domed sticker.  It’s currently on the back of my car cause I’m a cool kid that loves bumper stickers of all kinds.  I actually only have two bumper stickers, but people with tons really impress me.  To me, if you have a bunch of bumper stickers, you’re automatically a cool person.


A fancy journal with tiny ocorinas on it!  I love a good journal.  I have way to many and could always do with more.


And then there was just one box. What is it?


super heavy styrofoam?


No.  The coolest cup ever.  It might be cooler then the skull wine glass.  I love this cup and it’s dishwasher safe (I don’t have a dishwasher but I’m always concerned about stuff that isn’t dishwasher safe.)

So yeah, that was a super fun box to open and a fun post to write.  I should tell my friend to read this post when he gets somewhere where he can connect to the internet again.  Anyway, I was kind of missing him so opening the box and writing this made me feel a little bit better.  I don’t know human brains make weird associations, don’t we?  I’ll ask him if I can use his name next time we talk so I don’t have to call him my friend that’s in the Marines and super far away and I’m super sad about not getting to see because he’s really kind and attractive and I worry about him….That’s a mouthful.

Do you like mystery boxes?  Do you like seeing other people open mystery boxes?  That’s one of my favorite past times personally.

much love





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