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Thoughts while scrolling through Pinterest.

  • Pretty
  • I bet I could make that
  • Would I look good in that?
  • I wish my art was good
  • Maybe if I stalk this artist I’ll absorb some of their talent.
  • Who’s that?
  • Am I old?
  • Should I be doing anti-aging stuff?
  • Who is this child and why are people acting like he’s attractive?
  • I cna’t read any of this.
  • This is the most true thing that I’ve ever come across:

That happened earlier today.  I came across this text post.  (which I could actually read!)


I took a screenshot, then went full detective mood to find the source for y’all:  fullyarticulatedgoldskeleton.

This is one of the most important things I’ve seen in my entire life.  I’ve spent my whole life being told by teachers that if I work harder, or try harder, I’ll be better at math.  I’ll be able to remember dates.  I’ll be able to copy down notes correctly if I just pay extra attention.  Surprise! These are all things that are almost impossible for me because I’m dyslexic.  But there are things that I can do, too.  It would be nice for those to be seen as valuable.

This was also something that I noticed working at the Arts Camp for the past two summers.  Most of the kids have trouble reading for various reasons.  A lot of them are ADHD.  Those kids are never going to do well in a classroom setting where they have to sit down at a desk and stare at at whiteboard for 6 hours.  In the camp setting, where they were allowed to stand in the back of the room, they learned a lot about theater.  There was a girl who couldn’t read and was seen as not smart.  She was a brilliant storyteller.  She had understanding for others well beyond her years.  It shouldn’t matter that she struggles with what the world decided was valuable because she’s valuable and what she has to offer to society is valuable.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t try to do things that we can’t currently do.  I’m saying that we should celebrate what we can do and not bring people down for not being able to do something.  So, let’s celebrate each other.  What are you good at?  Tell everyone and let’s just get excited for each other.

much love



I'm a writer with dyslexic.

5 thoughts on “Thoughts while scrolling through Pinterest.

  1. I am very good at reading and writing. However, I am terrible about spatial matters. For example if I am looking at my trainer at the gym I cannot figure out how to mimic her actions. She has to stand next to me if she wants me to do the same exercise. I could never get those questions right when they asked you which drawings were the same, only one of the objects was rotated. And don’t get me started on moving furniture through doors!

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