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Mystery Monday: Bad Day

Hello Humans of the internet!  It’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  It’s a day where in the US we celebrate diversity by taking the day off work and having parades and public speaking contests in schools.  Except me.  We still had work.  And it was a long day.  One of those days when you find yourself questioning if having a steady income is really worth what you are putting up with.  One of those days when you are 100% sure that you are not suited to your job at all.  So, I came home, put on make-up and opened a mystery box toy and now I’m writing a blog post.

If you saw my post a few months ago called Not so Secret Obsession, then you know how much I love tiny mystery toys.  I thought that today, I’d talk a little bit about my day and show you the tiny mystery toy.

Well, today, I made yet another mistake on a shirt.  So, that’s always fun.  I was treated like an idiot all day.  That’s most days as the co-worker that I think I usually call Linda (not her real name) is one of those humans that equates ones ability to do quick mental math with intelligence.  Not only that but, likes to remind me that I wasted my money going to college because I’m still not smart.  She is one of those people who will never understand dyslexia.  I found a place that I actually could afford to move into.  So, that was exciting…until I read the crime report for the neighborhood.  I understand that living in Allendale, there’s going to be more crime, but I’m also going to avoid the neighborhoods that have extra crime, you know?  So, then I fixated on the fact that a person with a full time job can only afford a beat up house in a high crime area.  That seems a little messed up.  Am I wrong to think that a person with a full time job should be able to have a house, and food?  I’m not even going to go into the fact that education is almost impossible to afford, and surprise, doesn’t give you that much help the job force.  (obviously that’s different for professions like nursing).  But, anyway, I’ve sorted been fixating on all the bad and completely unable to see the good.  And it was my New Years Resolution to focus on the good in 2018.  It only took 15 days for me to fall back into what I call the mental hamster wheel.  I might talk more about that later.

But today.  I am going to find some good.  Even if I’m finding it in something as pointless as tiny pieces of plastic.  20180115_190217148218230.jpg

This is what the box looks like.  I had to get help reading it.  For anyone like me, it says “2 pack My Mini Mixie Q’s”.  This is the first doll:20180106_163031388083775.jpg

According to the little checklist that they came with her name is surfer girl.  Also, I think I mentioned this, but I’m not sure, my hair is teal. (I recognize that it’s actually green, but for some reason in my head saying green hair sounds ugly.  20180106_163059971206331.jpg

This one is called “Artist”  And it was weirdly validating to know that I look a little like a toy companies view of an artist.  Oh, I decided to try fake nails a few days ago.  I’d take pictures of them but there’s only three surviving.  People who can keep their nails intact for more than 2 hours really impress me.

How are all of y’all I hope the starts to your weeks have been better than mine.  I’m going to pray that my week gets better or at least that there’s a plan to it all.

much love



I'm a writer with dyslexic.

4 thoughts on “Mystery Monday: Bad Day

  1. Hope your Tuesday is better than your Monday was! Your hair looks soooo cute by the way! You should carry the artist doll in your pocket and pull it out when your coworker is being a meanie, that way you’ll have a boost to balance out the bad 🙂

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