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We’re All Just People On a Big Blue Planet #7

WAJP Shelby

Hello Humans of the Internet!  Today’s post is all about Shelby!  Shelby is a good friend of mine from growing up.  She is very intelligent and organized, but of course very Southern and Christian.  She recently got married to a very nice man.  But today we are talking about her passion for sustainability.

Usually, I go right into quotes from the interviewee right here, but first I wanted to share a little more about Shelby.  She has been passionate about the environment for as long as I’ve known her.  When we were eight she did an entire project on sea turtles and how human actions were directly affecting them.  Okay, now here’s some from Shelby:

One thing that I’m passionate about s sustainability.  Half of my job relates to increasing our environmental sustainability.  When there are roadblocks at work which create setbacks, I remind myself that it’s only temporary and try to think of ways to resolve the current issue.

As I said before, Shelby has been passionate about sustainability for as long as I’ve known her, so I asked if she remembered what originally sparked the interest.

I’m honestly not sure what sparked my interested in sustainability.  Perhaps growing up in a rural environment?   The fact that my dad hunts?  Loving the beach and seeing how the turtles are affected by us?

So, Shelby was inspired by a lot of things.  I feel like everyone should feel inspired to sustain the Earth, simply because we live here if nothing else.  We then talked about how college helped her learn more about the environment.

I actually graduated with a minor in sustainability.  One class which was very impactful was global sustainability.  We discussed issues which affect the world overall and discussed how difficult it is to make progress.  My final project was actually on marine plastic pollution (links back to those sea turtles).

So, 13 years later, Shelby is still obsessed with sea turtles.  But now, she is also concerned about the greater affects on the whole world.  Finally, we talked about the actions she was taking in her own life to reach her very big goal.

So far, it’s been mostly little things in my own life.  For example, my husband no longer uses straws because I’ve harped about how horrible they are.  But, I am also working towards bigger projects, such as a work.  We have increased our recycling bins, are working to increase knowledge about recycling (which employees could also utilize at home), and just bought reuseable cups for everyone to discourage paper cup usage.  Ultimately, I hope to see things progress at a higher level since we are an international company.

So, there you are.  This is Shelby and what she is passionate about.  What do you do to help take care of the Earth?

As always if you would like to be interviewed or know someone that you would like to read an interview of, let me know in a comment or e-mail me at  Don’t forget to leave some love for Shelby.

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2 thoughts on “We’re All Just People On a Big Blue Planet #7

  1. Pollution is the real problem in spite of the “climate change” buzz words being bandied about everyday on all media. Those little instant coffee cartridges that are being pushed instead of traditional coffee guess what they aren’t recyclable! :-0
    Nice interview article, I would like to volunteer to be an interviewee if you would like. If you would prefer we could do an interview exchange I’ll interview you for my page and vice versa. contact me on my site 🙂

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