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New Year, not so new me

Hello, Humans of the internet!  We are six whole days into 2018! Can you believe that?  2018 doesn’t even sound like a real year, probably because I read a lot of science fiction as a child.  I hope these first 6 days of 2018 are good to you and the rest of 2018 as well.  What’s that?  You want to know why I’m posting on Saturday and didn’t post of Monday, Wednesday, or Friday?  No, you don’t care? Let me tell you anyway.  

On December 31, 2017 I sat down wrote out all of my plans for the New Year.  I was gonna get organized.  I was going to make a blogging schedule that I liked and could keep up with.  I was gonna do a lot of things.  But then life happened on January 1st.  Life in the form of finding out that this guy I knew in high school that I liked has also liked me this whole time.  Which awesome, right?  This person that I genuinely care about, that I love to spend time with, that I think is really cute, feels the same way about me.  There is no better scenario.  Well, that’s where life comes in.

He’s a Marine now and he left on January second.  And he’s gonna be gone for about a year.  So, I’ve been a little distracted.

I did however try to come up with a blogging schedule that I like.  I thought, I’d try just posting on Saturday, because I don’t work on Saturday.  But, this just feels wrong.  So, I’ll see y’all on Monday.  And Wednesday.  And Friday.  Because I really liked when I was posting three times a week.

Basically, as much as I try, I will always be a mess and I won’t feel like I’m doing anything unless I’m trying to do more than I could possible do.  That’s who I am.

I hope that all of you also accept yourselves just as you are.  And if not, make this the year that you do.  I hope that life stays good and gets better.  If you’ve made any resolutions, what are they and have you broken them yet?  Also, a grey cat showed up in our yard today.  He’s homeless and my rabbit isn’t afraid of him.  So, this might be a hard year.  But, I firmly believe that it’s going to be good and I’m ready.

much love



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