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When dyslexia makes you look kinda ditsy

Hello Humans if the internet! A thing happened yesterday. Technically a thin ng happened a few weeks ago, but I didn’t know until yesterday. I tried to write this last night to keep up my posting schedule but I was really tired and didn’t. 

Several weeks ago I was putting names and numbers on the backs of jv basketball jerseys. I might have mentioned it because it always stresses me out. My biggest fear is that one day I’ll do it wrong. I could put a 12 on the back of a shirt that should have 21 and literally never know. So I’m over careful. I print out the numbers and hold them over it, lining everything up before putting it on the shirt. If I get confused, I go find someone to ask. Well, I wad really hung up on this three a few weeks ago.  So, I asked Linda I  the office. She didn’t look up shew just said that’s a three.  

I’m actually going to interrupt this story to talk about the number three and how much trouble it has given me. In preschool when we were learning numbers I very clearly remember our teacher, who I think was named Mrs. Bartley, saying ” around the tree, around the tree, that’s the way to make a three” and year old me got did stressed out because I don’t know which way to go around the tree. I may have done it wrong because she came over to my desk and kept showing me. Which kept stressing me more and more. Which made it harder and harder to write a three. So she showed me over and over and kept saying no like this. But I didn’t know how to do “this” I thought I was already doing “this.”  That was about the time they stated suspecting that I had a learning disability. 

Back to the main story. 

So, this three was stressing me out. So I just left it for last. I tried to slow down and focus and stay calm. All the things that help or at least don’t aggrivate dyslexia. Then Linda came in the back where the heat press is and tells me that the customer just called and asked if we could have the jerseys done by that after noon and that she told her that they were already done so, she was on her way. 

They would have easily been done by that afternoon. She could have just said yes, they will be done then. It was 11, I would have had them done and neatly folded by 1. I just feel like telling the customer that her shirts were done was such an unnecessary lie. Well, I feel that now. In the moment I panicked and had to fun ish the shirts as fast as possible while she wad folding them and getting impatient that she could fold faster then I could line up, and press each shirt twice. 

Fast forward to yesterday the customer comes in and demands that we remake the shirt. I don’t blame them.  So,  Linda tells me to just cut out the vinyl and not to worry about pressing it. She’ll get someone better at making jerseys to do it. Then she goes on to say, “that was the one you had to rush because you didn’t start until the day it was due?” 

The customer picked them up, three days before she was expecting them. 

It made me so mad and Linda spent the rest of the day treating me like I wasn’t smart and explain things to me like I was a toddler.

I hope y’all had better Fridays. 

Much love



I'm a writer with dyslexic.

15 thoughts on “When dyslexia makes you look kinda ditsy

    1. Hey, this is something that I dealt with a lot growing up. People assuming that I couldn’t understand or be smart because I have dyslexia. This is probably because a lot of people associate intelligence with your ability to read and do math, two things that are hard for people with dyslexia. I actually started this blog in the hopes of showing people who don’t understand that people with dyslexia and other learning disabilities aren’t less intelligent they just learn different. I would suggest explaining to your friends that you’re different smart but that doesn’t mean that you’re less smart.

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      1. Thank you so much I love your blog and I don’t think dyslexia gets talked about enough in schools to make people aware especially teachers I think your blog helps a lot of people understand and cope with it and realise that your not alone

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  1. That’s quite unecessary and undermining behaviour on your colleague’s part! And quite poor customer service, promising a job was ready when there is always the potential for something to go wrong. Years of retail/customer service has taught me you under-promise and over-deliver. Never over-promise because that puts you at risk of under-delivering. She’s very patronising. Silly cow. I hope your other colleagues are more supportive 😉

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    1. Everyone is great. And she’s a bit of a pain and can be very difficult, but I know that there is a lot going on in her personal life, so I’m thinking that when things settle down for her, she’ll settle down a bit at work.

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  2. Co-workers are as difficult as difficult family members sometimes. I can’t believe you even do that work given how challenging letters and numbers are for you. Congratulations on your perseverance.

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