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We’re All Just People On a Big Blue Planet #5


Hello Humans of the internet!  I’m posting another WAJP just a week later which is really exciting because this is all about Angel!  Angel is an awesome and enthusiastic theater student.  So, naturally, I asked her what she felt her calling was and this was her answer.

I love theater, its been a passion of mine since I was a little girl.  Somehow I would like to bring the joy of theater and other arts to people who don’t have access to them.  Art reaches parts of people that logical things cannot

We then talked about what holds her and many people back from pursuing the arts

I think my biggest obstacle is myself.  I have a tendency to compare myself to other people.  It’s very hard competing with people who have way more experience under their belt.  For example, I am auditioning at SCTA this year.  If I am passed on I can audition at SETC, its going to be hard not comparing myself to other people.  Another obstacle is having the tendency to close myself off, especially when I am doing a monologue or character that is so much like me.

There were times through out my life where I was told that I was not good enough in certain areas.  I was told I was strange because I was not like the other black girls in my Detroit area, which I don’t know what that means.  So, sometimes I hear those people echoing in my head.  Hearing those things makes me doubt myself.

So, I asked what has helped her when she starts to fixate on those people and the things they told her.

Honestly, every teacher in the [theater] department.  Just their faith in me makes me want to push past those doubtful echos and do my best.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Angel for being brave and talking about her insecurities.  And she would like all of you to remember:

Whatever scares you, try it anyway.  You may surprise yourself.


As usual, I’m ending this interview with a plea to you guys to help me find more people to interview.  You know the drill if you would like to be interviewed or know of someone that you would like to read an interview of, let me know in a comment or an email to

much love



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