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Things That I Believed For Way Too Long #3

Hello Humans of the internet!  Happy Early Thanksgiving (unless you are from any country other than the U.S. then, Happy Pre-Christmas).  I thought since I’m about to be spending time with my family, now would be a great time to have a nostalgic post about my childhood.  But, I was a pretty weird kid, so instead I’m going to write about how I used to think my parents named me after Anakin Skywalker.  

Before I go any further, I would like to acknowledge that I did write a different post for today and posted it, shortly after taking cold medicine.  It was kinda strange and all over the place, so I took it down.  If you happened to have read it before I did, I’m sorry.  And now, continuing with the post that I had originally planned for today.

I grew up loving Star Wars.  My mom loves Star Wars.  Everytime there was a rainy Sunday, we watched a Star Wars movie.  The prequel series came out when I was pretty young.  I believe I was 4 when the first one came out.  At this point I was already so into Star Wars, I remember thinking of it as the “new Star Wars” and not liking it as much as the old one in the beat up VHS boxes.

Anyway, a few years later, when my parents felt I was old enough to take to movies, Attack of the Clones had just come out.  So, as you probably know, Luke Skywalker’s father was named Anakin Skywalker.  My name is Anna Katherine and my siblings shortened it to quite a few thinks including Annie, Ann, Banann, and Annakin.  As a child, I did not want to be associated with the villain.  So, I told them to stop calling me Anakin.  My sister then told me that she called me Anakin because our parents named me Anna Katherine after Anakin Skywalker.

And you know what?  based purely on how much my momma loves Star Wars, little child AK completely believed her.  I thought that I was named after Anakin Skywalker from that moment onward.  I didn’t question this, I just accepted this as fact and learned to appreciate the redemption of my name sake.  Until I was about 12 and went through confirmation.

(For anyone that doesn’t attend a Church that has confirmation, it’s classes that you take from your pastor as a confirmation of your baptism.  I don’t super understand it, but I did it and I really enjoyed learning more about Christianity.)

During confirmation as a way of explaining the importance of knowing family trees of different people, Pastor asked us all to go home and ask who we were named after.  I, of course thought that I already knew.  I was so wrong and so confused.  My momma just liked the name and thought it sound kind of like some people in the family and kind of religious.  So, I’m not named after Darth Vader and frankly, I’m disappointed, so sometimes I tell people that I am.  How cool would it be to be named after a Star Wars character?

I hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow filled with gratitude and joy whether you are celebrating a holiday or just having a normal day.

Much love,


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