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Highs, Lows, and Uh-Oh

Hello Humans of the internet!  Happy Friday.  I hope that y’all had a fantastic week!  A post about office supplies and the animosity between coworkers over them is being postponed because of any idea I got from a comment by The Lockwood Echo.  That comment along with a lot of really lovely things said: “Though it took some ‘worst things that have happened to you’ to get there!”  That first reminded me of a camp game called Highs, Lows, and Uh-Ohs.  Then inspired me to write about it.

I’m not entirely sure if Highs, Lows, and Uh-Ohs would qualify as an actual game, but our counselors always told us that it was and I certainly told my Sunday School students that it’s a game.  At the end of the day, or week depending on the context, (Day at summer camp, week for Sunday School) everyone gets in a circle.  At camp we would do this after the vespers service.  Starting with the counselor everyone would goes around and shares their high, low and uh-oh.  So the best part of the day, the worst part of the day and something kind of embarrassing, but mostly funny.

Usually, when you have a room full of 12-year-old girls the highs, lows, and uh-ohs look something like this:

  • My high for the day was when (name of some boy she thinks is cute) smiled at me. Or at the person behind me, I couldn’t really tell.  But, I think it was at me.
  • My low was when I found out (name of a different boy that she also thinks is cute and is also probably one of the counselors) has a girl friend.
  • My uh-oh was when I tripped in the mess hall (or cafeteria if you went to a normal summer camp) and (yet another boy she thinks is cute) saw me.

But, I was thinking about what my highs, lows, and uh-ohs would be for the month of October.  I realized that there were a lot of highs.  And a lot of lows.  And a lot of uh-ohs.   I can’t emphasize enough how many uh-ohs.  I did realize that this is something I should do more often.  Even though there were a lot of lows and uh-ohs, I still felt a lot more positive about life in general.  If you ever feel overwhelmed by how much bad is in the world (as I tend to) I think this could be a very helpful exercise for you.  It helped me a lot.  It really helped me to give it to God.  The things that I can’t handle, I brought them to God, and the things that I’m grateful for, I brought that to God too.  So, here are my highs, lows, and uh-ohs for the month of October.

  • Highs — Halloweek.  Working on Halloweek all month.  Spending time with Simon.  Making onesies for one of my friend’s baby (I am his unofficial official aunt).  Gettig to 100 follows (that still seems really impossible).
  • Lows — Simon’s declining health.  Feeling overwhelmed by all the things on my plate right now (most of those things I put there).
  • Uh-ohs — I told you this was a lot, so I’m going to narrow it down.  I forgot what the letter “H” looked like in the middle of taking someone’s order.  (I have a whole post about this coming up)  Halfway through a very large and complex patterned crochet blanket, I started using dye from a different lot even though I had enough of the same lot, I just picked up the wrong yarn (no one else in the house can see it, but it’s driving me crazy).  I shut down the work computer without saving and had to remake an entire project the next day. (this happened more times then I care to admit).  I tripped over Simon, a lot.  He was blind so he never saw it coming.  (I will forever feel bad about that).

There’s more Uh-ohs, but most of them are dysadventures that I’m going to write about sometime soon and if felt redundant to just keep saying, I’m going to write about this soon.

So, let’s play highs, lows, and uh-ohs.  How was your October?  Let us know in the comments below.  (Don’t be like that one student I had that made drug jokes please.)

much love,


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7 thoughts on “Highs, Lows, and Uh-Oh

  1. Too fun an exercise. Highs- got the Iphone X to celebrate turning 70. Lows-found out that I cannot both eat what I want and weigh what I want Uh-oh-believing the squash package that said good until November 18 and finding out that those little green spots were mold!

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  2. Loved this post. We do a thing like this around our dinner table some evenings. We just do highs and lows, the uh ohs is a cute addition I will now be adding ! Thank you.

    Highs- my sons birthday. No longer having septic issues. God’s love shining on us. The kid in the car survived and has a 2nd chance in this life.
    Lows-my son is 10! When did that happen, how can I be old enough to have a 10 year old kid!? I’m still blind in one eye.
    A car flipped over in front of my field.
    Uh ohs- I accidentally did the wrong lesson plan for the day,and skipped one.
    While running across my field and on the phone( was an emergency and was on the phone with 911) I tripped and fell 😂but I don’t think the operator noticed.

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  3. Thankyou for the mention and happy to have triggered this interesting post 😉 Not heard of this idea/game, but I like it. Great reminder to be thankful. Indeed, there were some real lows for me in the past year, but they’ve brought me to where I am now and some of the highs have been because of the lows! The main thing is I’m still able to hold on to the rollercoaster! In answer to the question and sticking with October; Highs – it was my birthday and anniversary month, a mini getaway, full on autumn, Halloween, more than my fair share of highs really 😉 Lows – my employment situation is wobbly! As for the Uh-Ohs – I know there were many, but the great thing is I’ve learnt to let them go so actually don’t remember any off the top of my head. It’s good to realise that whatever Uh-Oh you’ve done, someone down the road has probably done worse. And they and us live to laugh about it!

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