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Halloweek Haul

Hello Humans of the internet!  Only one more day until Halloween!  In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m obsessed with Halloween.  It’s when I buy my weird stuff that frankly I keep out all year long.  Here are some of the things that I added to my collection this year.  (My clothing items are going on tomorrow’s post)


This is the skull wine glass that I mentioned in an earlier post (I never went back for the skull shot glasses). And yes I did paint just my thumbnail for this picture.

This super sparkly skeletons stuff

This creepy little doll key chain came from a gumball machine. I used to love string dolls back in middle school and was so excited to see a machine of Halloween ones.
At Dollar General (have you guessed that that’s my favorite store yet?) I found a packet of 10 teeny tiny skeleton soldiers.  Yes, I know that there are only 9 of them, but they are super cute and I need to decided what to do with them post Halloween.
And I actually got the one that I wanted!  Do you know how infrequently that happens?  I feel like if there is ever a mystery toy where I really want one of them, I don’t get it.
I was really excited to find this in Wal-Mart because one of the possibilities was Shock from Nightmare Before Christmas












This is All of the non-clothing related Halloween stuff that I bought this year, that you haven’t seen yet.  You have of course already seen all of the Halloween make-up.  I still haven’t written the last post because I can’t decide what to be for Halloween this year.  Why don’t you vote, but you have to tell me before the trick-or-treaters get here.  Should I be Rosey the Riveter?  Sophie Hatter? Or a Skeleton?

much love, AKlogo



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