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Halloweek Nightmares

Hello Humans of the internet, as promised yesterday, today I’m going to be talking about nightmares.  Specifically a reoccurring nightmare that I’ve been having since middle school.  For anyone bad at math I’ve been having the same dream for 10 years.  It’s a very creepy dream and I thought when better to share it with you?  

It began back when I was twelve, with me lying in bed and waking up.  There’s a noise outside my window and I stand up to see what it is.  When I draw back the curtains the swamp sprawls out in front of me.  Moss hanging from trees, birds flying, frogs splashing in the water.  I can see everything in perfect detail.  Except a shadow, deep in the trees.  I can tell it is something big and it moves like a predator.  I wake up.

A few weeks later I found myself waking up in this swamp world again.  This time the shadow was closer.  I could almost make it out.  It resembled the shape of a giant boar.  For anyone who thinks pigs are cute here is a picture of one eating a deer. Hogzilla

And if that’s not enough to haunt your nightmares look at their tusks:agriogourono

This huge boar like creature continued to loom ever closer on the fringes of my dreams for years.  Right up until about three months ago.  I heard a noise on the porch and got up to check on it.  When I opened the door the creature was staring down at me.  Green drool dripped from the corners of it’s mouth. On the ground where the drool was pooling, moss instantly grew.  It’s whole body was covered in oozing wounds.  What made me realize that it wasn’t just any boar was the fact that it had six legs and it’s feet more closely resembled elephant’s feet then a pig’s hooves.  It exhaled heavily and splatters of blood flecked the porch.  I woke up.

I was sitting on the couch talking with one of my friends from college.  I couldn’t remember him arriving, but didn’t dwell on it. I noticed that he had a tattoo that I hadn’t seen before.  I stared at it.  Why had he gotten a tattoo of a six-legged pig? I wondered.  Why was that familiar to me?  Then I remembered the dream that I’d been having before he got there.  As I stared at the tattoo,  a breeze rustled through the boar’s fur and it shifted it’s weight.  I woke up.

I was back in my own bed.  I left my eyes closed for a moment.  Relieved to be out of that nightmare.  I heard Momma and Nana talking in the kitchen so I get up to see what was going on.  I didn’t remember that Nana was going to visit.  When I opened my bedroom door, I was in an over-sized hallway.  I recognized the house but I didn’t know from where.  I could still here their voices, so I follow the sound.  The hallway was lined with photographs of this oozing, drooling hog with six legs.  I woke up.

I was camping with my brother and sister in the swamp.  We were in a clearing and they both claimed it was safe.  I could see the boar looming right where the tree thickened.  It wouldn’t let me leave the clearing, but my siblings were allowed to pass unnoticed.  So, I waited the night alone while the six-legged boar circled me and giant leeches crept closer and closer out of the swamp.  I woke up.

Back in my bed, panting and shaking and cold.  The sun is just rising.  I hear a noise, as one does when one lives in the country, so I open a window in hopes of spotting a deer on the lawn.  Far in the distance in the tree across the street, I see a shape that I can’t make out.


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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