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Halloweek Nails!

Hello Humans of the internet! It’s just five more days to Halloween!  I thought that in light of how truly gross my nails are, I would find some beautiful nails to show you.  I hope you enjoy these pictures that I found on Google Images.  Maybe I’ll try one on my own nails.

spider nails

dragon eye nails

graveyard nails

broken nails
personal favorite.  I really want to try this one!

Hey, update from present AK.  I don’t know why past me was so ambitious.  I still have the same chipping silver nail polish that was on my nails last week when I made my injury tutorial.  I hope that one of you is talented enough at nail art to attempt one of these, or at least has as much fun looking at them as past me had scrolling through Google and finding them.  Come back tomorrow for some more creepy posts!  I’m going to be talking about nightmares.

Much love, AK


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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