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Halloweek Makeup

Hello Humans of the internet!  It’s the second day of Halloweek!  I thought that for today it would be fun to do a Halloween Makeup tutorial.  Don’t worry,  won’t be attempting real make-up, just stage make-up which I understand much better.  I wanted this to be something that anyone can do, so I’m using Dollar General Halloween Make-up.  So, here we go.  This is how to make a cut.

I would suggest starting with whatever primer you usually use on your face because Halloween make-up is not very high quality and I don’t want you to have to deal with zits all over your face.

Begin with the scar wax.  In the Dollar General kit it was called fake scar
Then smear the wax on the area where you want to create the cut. It looks kind of like snot, but trust me it’ll get better. Usually, I would put this style of injury on my cheek bone, but I thought it would be easier to show you on my hand
To create the “cut” in the scar wax, I use a needle. This is probably not the best idea. Please choose a less dangerous option, like your fingernail, a pencil, or an nail file. Speaking of fingernails, try to ignore how nasty that three week old nail polish is.
After making the “cut” cover the wax with your foundation. I use Cover Girl because I’m allergic to pretty much everything else. And yes, that is a banana. No, I didn’t notice it when I was taking the pictures.
Next add a little bit of power so that it doesn’t look shiny and will look like real skin.
Now for the fun part
I began by mixing purple and black and dabbing it around where I wanted the bruising to be
Then I added some red to that
Just a little
Okay, a lot
I used the sponge to smear the fake blood around and give it a more realistic look. Would you actually look like this if you got a cut, probably not, but it will look really cool.

I hope that you enjoyed a little gory make up and hopefully it uploads this time.  Then internet is acting up and I’ve been trying to post this since 7am. Happy Halloweek

Much love,



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