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Too Much

Hello Humans of the internet!  Happy Wednesday!  We’ve made it half way through the week–yay!  I really can’t think of anything else that I’d like to say in the intro here, so on with the post

A thing happened today that made me realize that I need to change something in my life.

I overslept for work.  I was late for work because I woke up at 7:45.  (I usually wake up around 6 so that I have time to shower and put on make up and get to work (20 mins away) on time).  Why was I so tired?  Because I can’t do everything.  But, I will always try.  I am a notorious bit-off-more-than-I-can-chewer.

A couple months ago, I was unemployed so I started posting 3 times a week and I got back into writing fiction (something that I love to do even if I’m not very good).  I started doing more work on my parents’ small farm.  I was basically doing a full work day of writing (which is mentally exhausting for me).

More recently I got a full time job.  But, I didn’t want to stop writing because I love to write.  I love keeping this blog and I love writing fiction even though it is unlikely I’ll ever be happy enough with it to share it with anyone.  I didn’t want to write less, so I just kept staying up later and later to write.  And I always make Christmas presents for everyone, and this year I wanted to make blankets which take forever, so I was starting now.  So, I’m just stressed out and exhausted and I haven’t been as happy with some of my posts as I’d like to be.

I realized that something had to give.  I can’t quit my job (and I wouldn’t want to anyway).  I can’t just not give my family Christmas presents.  So, I decided that it was going to be writing, which is the hardest thing for me anyway.  I’m not going to quit blogging.  I’m just going to cut back on the amount that I’m blogging.  Make a different schedule.

I hope that this didn’t sound too whiny.  I just realized that I was literally exhausting myself.  I’m still doing my Halloweek posts leading up to Halloween because I’ve already written those.

See you soon, not sure exactly when yet.

Much love, AK



I'm a writer with dyslexic.

6 thoughts on “Too Much

  1. You have to do what’s right for you. I’ve not posted for a while as life has taken up my time, I don’t even have a schedule! But it’s supposed to be an enjoyable process, so if it turns into a chore, it’s best to adjust 😉 Looking forward to Halloweek 🙂

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