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It’s Happened

Hello Humans of the internet!  Happy Monday!  I hope that everyone’s weekend was safe and fun and that you are all ready to start the week.  I had a great weekend (and I didn’t buy anymore Halloween stuffs.  You should all be proud of my self restraint because I saw glitter hair spray.)  I have a couple of things that I want to talk about today.

The first thing being something I saw while in Wal-Mart (buying rabbit food not more Halloween decorations).  The garden section has been converted into the Christmas section.  It happens sooner and sooner every year, but the first week of October seems a little ridiculous.  I love Christmas as much as the next person (actually I probably love Christmas slightly less then the next person).  I like to spend time with family.  I like going to the mid-night Christmas Eve service at church.  I like picking out or making presents for people.  I even like decorating (and making headbands out of Christmas bows).  It’s just that I also enjoy all the time between now and then.  I enjoy Halloween (way more then the next person).  I enjoy Thanksgiving.  I just don’t understand the Christmas obsession.  I know some of you must be Christmas-People.  Can you explain it?  Is my Halloween obsession as confusing to you as your Christmas obsession is to me?

The second thing which I’m going to swiftly transition to is some Halloween make-up that I bought.  I don’t really consider this Halloween specific make-up because this is definitely all year round for me.  So here it is.  They are both Wet n wild makeup.  One of my favorites, gotta love that drugstore cheap stuff.



As you can see it’s my favorite color, glitter.
I actually already used the sliver one and it surprisingly stayed on all day.  I’ve had glitter eye shadow before that just slowly migrated down my face.
And finally this beautiful conundrum.  

I loved Lisa Frank stuff as a kid.  And that Rainbow highlighter made me think of that, so I impulse bought it.  Also the color is called Unicorn Glow, how could I refuse that?  But know that I have it at the house, I’ve realized that I have no idea how to use it.  I tried just using a wide brush and brushing it on, but the only color that showed was the blue, so I think I’m doing it wrong.  I will continue to experiment with this and get back to you unless you have any helpful tips.  Beauty gurus?  Anyone?

much love, AK


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

3 thoughts on “It’s Happened

  1. I am kind of the opposite of a beauty guru, coming of age in the 1960’s when we rebelled by not wearing any makeup and letting our hair grow long. I never did start wearing the stuff. Of course my daughter and granddaughter are true beauty gurus. I will try to remember to ask them. They will be startled that I am asking a makeup question!!!

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    1. I never wrote makeup, except stage or character makeup much and I recently wanted to start and realized that while i can make my face look like a cat or age myself by 40 years, i have no idea how to do makeup for every day.

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