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Handwritten Headache

Hello Humans of the internet.  Happy Friday.  I managed to work alliteration into the title again and I’m super excited about that.  I’ve had a dysadventure.  Who’s surprised?  No one? I didn’t really expect you to be.  This is actually several dysadventures all having to do with handwriting, hence the title of this post.  I hope you enjoy my pain. 

Dysadventure number one.  I have a co-worker whose first language is Spanish, so she writes notes in Spanish.  My Spanish isn’t great but I can figure out camisetas azul which turns out to be what the note said.  It was a not telling me what color the shirts that I needed for a particular design.  However, I can’t read handwriting.  So, I asked her what it said.  She thought that I didn’t know the Spanish and said, “Oh, I’ll write it in English.”  I had to explain that it really didn’t matter what language she wrote it it, I still wouldn’t be about to read it.  In the end, we Spangished our way through that and she told me that it said, “Camsetas azul.”

Dysadventure number two.  Okay, you might remember that I talked about my favorite font a few weeks ago, if not it’s right over here.  But, in that post I talked about not being able to read most fonts.  Well, part of my job is putting names on the backs of team shirts.  Don’t see how reading fonts is an issue?  What if your name was Jackson and you were a small but your teammate’s name was Johnson and he was an extra-large?  Neither of you would be happy if you had your name on the other’s shirt size.  This isn’t usually too much of a problem  as most teams want simple fonts that are easy to read.  But every now and then, people want their names to be in one of the really swirly script fonts like Brushscript, which is what this team wanted.  So, I couldn’t read any of these names.

Thankfully, there was a kind person who helped me pair the names with the shirts very quickly during break.  Then after break, I was going to center the names in the design and heat press them.  But, the not so lovely human that I talked about last week, (You remember, the racist one that whispers black?)  She saw this happening and stopped me when I was passing her desk.  She first asked if I needed help because of my problem.  I said yes.  Being dyslexic makes it hard to read certain fonts.  She told me that I should come to her if I have trouble like that.  I was surprised and felt like I had judged her too quickly.  Maybe she is nice.  But then she followed that up with, “If you’re not smart enough to do it, someone else can.”

I was really hoping that people would stop treating me like I was stupid just because I’m dyslexic at some point, I guess that point isn’t yet.

I hope y’all have a great weekend.

much Love, AK


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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