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It’s an I-hate-my-hair kind of day

Hello Humans of the internet!  I hope your weekends went really well.  I hope you got out there and did stuff and made new friends and just had a great time.  I watched YouTube all weekend, but I hope you did stuff with your life between work weeks.  This post has nothing to do with dyslexia.  At all.  Do you ever get in weird moods and want to shave your head or dye it hot pink?  I think I’ve brought this up before because I do feel like that sometimes.  Sometimes I just look in the mirror and hate my hair.  

I always feel so shallow and hypocritical when I feel like this.  If any of my friends feel like this, I’m the first to tell them, “No, you’re beautiful!  You’re just the way that God made you and that’s awesome.” I really do believe that.  I believe that everyone is beautiful, until I see my hair on a humid day then I believe that everyone but me is beautiful.  I relate to this rabbit on a spiritual level.humid rabbit

The past couple of days have been like this.  I’ve been in this kind of mood before and it’s lead to pixie cuts, red hair, straight across bangs, blue hair, partially dreaded hair, purple hair straightened hair (which then had to be cut because it killed my hair) and pink hair.

Most of the time I love my hair.  I look a lot like photographs of my great-grandmother.  She was a beautiful Azorean woman.  With really thick hair.  I remember when I was little people telling me that I had her hair.  Her beautiful thick hair that takes two days to dry.  As a kid I was so happy.  As an adult I want to know why we are acting like hair that takes two days to dry is a good thing?  Like in college, if I showed up to class with wet hair, people would say, oh yeah I woke up late too.  And I would laugh and agree.  Except I hadn’t woken up late.  I had washed my hair the day before.  What’s that? “AK, why don’t you use a blow dryer?” Oh, well because thick curly hair likes to revolt against gravity and using a blow dryer gives it power.  It feeds off of the hot air.  One of my roommates joked that my hair was plotting to take over the world after she saw it one morning before I forced it into a bun or a braid (the only two hairstyles that it can handle).

Now, that I’ve ranted about my hair for a bit, does anyone have any ideas of something I could do to it?  I’ve somehow cycled back around to the same hair cut that I had in high school and I need something new.  I’m seriously leaning towards shaving it all off and starting over as I’ve basically killed it with bleach and dyes.  (I would also like to note that this post is dedicated to my baby cousin who has the same hair).  I hope none of you are having or have ever had I-hate-my-hair-days.  But if you have feel free to complain.   We’ll commiserate.

much love, AK


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

7 thoughts on “It’s an I-hate-my-hair kind of day

  1. Omg I relate to this post so much you don’t even understand! I had straight hair as a kid but it was always thick, and somehow after puberty it became curly like 3b curly. And it’s so difficult to deal with it so I cut it alot. But last year I relized that all I needed was a good hair cut because somehow I found a routine that works for my curls. So I began to like my hair. Then, a few months ago I decided that I want to dye my hair for the firts time. Bad idea. I went to a shit salon that did straight lines of bleached hair on my head. And imagine how great that looks with my original hair color. Pitch black! And now I want to shave it all off and the only one stopping me is mom. Keep in mind I never liked long hair in the first place ive been having pixie cuts for the last 3 years but now I just want to start over. Sigh…sorry forthe long comment. I hope we both find a way to love our hair ❤💞❤💞❤

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    1. Thank you so much for this comment! 💟 I’m so glad I’m not the only person who feels like this! I might shave my hair too and just start over after all this damage I’ve done to it. 💟


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